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Captain of the Guard for the township of Focasia


Captain of the Guard for the township of Focasia he has held the position for nine years and been in the guard since the age of sixteen. He doesn’t like excitement in his town, the twin son’s of the giant Shale are the biggest problem for the town.
Now Capt. Hendres is dealing with a dead wererat assassin, its target a book dealer named Strome, a left for dead foreigner and his Wererat attacker. And all just starting hours after the Guildies entered Focasia.
Hendres Captain of Focasia Guard

The son of a knight and a widowed soldiers wife, Guard Captain Hedres grew to be a man of high character and loyalty. One who holds a deep respect and love of nature and tends toward believing in others and himself.

His position as Chief of Defense for the township of Focasia and his rank of Captain of the Guard have risen him to a high status within the north lands. He has even recently purchased a fortified home only a mile from the towns walls.

Discord though has crept into the walls of the city, attacks on its citizens and the peace have brought many of the city officials to call for Hendres head for not being able to maintain order.

Watch Captain Hendres

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