Gamma Pac

The problems books bring

Rising the next day the group set out to locate Strome and deliver the letter they carry for him. Arriving in the plaza containing Strome’s shop the door opens and an let middle aged human dressed in fine clothing exits and fumbles with his key and a wrapped package. Crossing the plaza toward the shop and the old man the group notice five guards advancing on the door. Hiding among the guards a vicious looking man draws a knife intent on the book trader.

Ivan rushes forward positioning himself between the possible assassin and his probable target. Skala, Kodo and Regdar place themselves near Strome watching the guards and keeping an eye on Ivan. The Assassin growls and advances on the very confused old man dancing past Ivan and each of the other guildies.

Ivan is grabbed by the Guard Sergent who despite a strong arm is unable to budge him. The guards take to weapons giving Ivan an excuse to start breaking noses and cracking jaws. While Kodo is able to push the old man out of the way just as the assassin’s blade leaps forward dripping a thick yellow fluid. A slashing of blades back and forth between the knife wielding Assassin and the short sword swinging Kodo gets dirty as the poisoned blade strikes true slipping into Kodo’s belly leaving him open for a bite from the feral looking killer. Regdar calls his insect companion to distract and harass the guards while helping Ivan keep them occupied.

The fight becomes fast and furious a very short brutal time later all but one guard is down with concussions and the assassin has been run through with Kodo’s blades and burned with Skala’s magic.

While attending to the merchant the creature on the ground leaps toward Skala and misses gnashing its teeth on the edges of her robe. It receives a pinning blow with Kodo’s sword and an acid dripping cut from Regdar’s own blade lobbing the head off and cauterizing the wound. This time really staying down Regdar and the others look the body over finding a hairless tail and that its booted feet are ratlike.

In the distance guard whistles and the beat of boots on stone grow closer. Kodo slumps against the door of the book store, already tuning a shade of yellow. He just watches weakly as the others attend to things.

Strome wanders into the shop pulling a bottle hidden among books and drinks deeply. Skala picks up the package the old man dropped along with the letter for him from the guild. Taking them inside she re pockets the letter and places the book on the counter next to the man. Checking to see if he is fine, the old man is left physically unscathed but confused and very rattled and attempting to get very drunk.

When the Guard Captain and a patrol of eight watchmen arrives he assess that the Sergeant is one of the men who have been selling their services lately. Skala takes the lead explaining things while Strome tells what he saw and explains the guildies part in keeping him safe. Regdar is concerned with Kodo’s wounds especially the bite, and Ivan starts muttering about stew. Taking the group and broken beaten guards back to the watch house Guard Captain Hendres sorts the mess out.

Regdar accompanies Kodo to the church were the hospice tends to his many wounds and the bite which is very infected. A nights rest and tending by his friends with herbs and poltice from the church garden Kodo fights off the infection regaining his health.

Captain Hendres interrogates the The Sergent and his friends they spill that they were hired by the man the guildies killed. They were paid fifty gold each to get him to the book shop and get him away after completing his business. The wererat was dressed in clothes of the southern deserts wearing boots for walking on sand.

When the guildies regroup at the church they rest for the night and begin to investigate the incident in the light of day.


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