Gamma Pac

Searching and Finding

Buying supply’s to help in their investigation the party sets out and searches the scene of the fight of the previous day. Taking quit some time the group finds several clues to who or what the assassin was.

  1. Door of the book shop is closed but unlocked.
  2. Crushed glass vial that contained a pungent spicy poison.
  3. Foot print just inside the unlocked back window indicating a desert style boot.
  4. The book that Strome was carrying is no longer sitting on the counter were Skala had set it.
  5. Taking time to sort through their findings and study ancient Dragon and Primordial script found integrated into the dragon horn motif of the assassins daggers. Regdar is unable to translate it without a key to the Script code.

Taking the information they collected the team penned a letter to the Guild Leaders.

Miss Freya, We stopped an assassination attempt on Strome,
p. they did get an important book of his. Awaiting further
p. instructions as to investigate further or wait for wagons
p. to escort back.
p. PS. Assassin was a wererat. and Regdar chopped its head off.

The horse messenger can reach Four Winds in less than 24 hours and a response will be another 24 hours to return.

While resting at the Five Tankards Tavern late that night Ivan stuffing his face and watching the crowd. Skala sits in on a game of sixers and comes out a little ahead. Kodo watches the crowed especially the young man who has been playing a sitar.

When the crowd broke up and everyone started going home Kodo followed the sitar player into the night, blending with the crowd then with the night. He followed the man to the cellar of an abandoned house. Then reported back to his fellow guild members Kodo let them know where he went. They got the Captain of the Guard and some of his men to come with them to the house. Three covered the front while the rest went with the guildies to the cellar door. Captain Hendres using his sword wrenches open the cellar door calling out for whoever is in there to throw down their weapons and come up or he would drag them out by there guts.

Some one shouts as if trying to defend themselves. A man stumbles up the stairs bleeding from his gut. The wound is superficial but bloody, he say’s that the man stabbed him and ran when the door opened. Kodo slinks down the stairs looking for an enemy. Skala moves into the dark Cellar looking around she sees the sitar player laying face down in a pool of blood. And a bloody footprint leading into the corner and up a ladder. Ivan and Ragdar follow Skala and Kodo up and into the main part of the house. The bloody footprints track out the kitchen and into the main room leading to a ladder. Skala and Kodo stand looking up the ladder to the dark hole in the ceiling. Kodo notices that the bloody foot prints are far to easy to follow, that’s when they rush back the way they came.

The guildies rush up the stairs to the yard and find the three guards knock out on the ground while the Captain is picking himself up from the mud. While trying to catch his breath the captain points toward the wall. It was another ratman, he was faking his injury’s and jumped over the wall after putting out all the guards and knocking the Captain down.

Searching the cellar Skala finds a body hidden under the stairs stripped of its clothes. The man is of the desert tribes of the far south while the Sitar player who is not quite dead is of the city peoples of the south. Taking the sitar player to the church were he may recover and the party can rest they await the response to their letter.


Drelbking Drelbking

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