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Caravan to Focasia

Given a pouch with orders for the Caravan, Dindral and a letter to the scholar Strome in Focasia. The Guildies first mission is to guard the caravan on the way to Focasia. While merely an hour away from the bridge the caravan was halted by a roadblock of fallen trees. Drag marks and lack of nearby trees made the arrival of brigands only a matter of time.

Before any of the Guildies could dismount their horses a Dragonborn with large arms emerged from the woods. Around him stood four halfelven men with swords, stepping from tree cover just behind the caravan has group of five human men who all brandished their swords making jeering noises toward their quarry.

With swift words Skala and Kodo tried to talk the brigands out of this course of action. The boss just chuckled and waved his boy’s on. Several closed within a blade length of Ivan who drew his two Bastard swords. While Regdar drew upon his energy to bring forth a friend from his desert home. Not long later the highway men were out numbered when Skala’s magic went a little wild and bounded from one enemy to another forcing raw arcane power to tear through them. Nearly killing one and knocking several more down. While the whirling dervish of steel Ivan took to cleaving the brains from one brigand while showering the remains of his mind upon his former allies. Kodo dropped the Dragonborn leader with a knife throw as he and his friends tried to flee. Kodo and Skala took up the diplomacy again this time the brigands listened. Patching up the wounded, those who were able cleared the roadway and they fled with the wounded leaving only one dead mate on the road side.

Pushing on another few hours the caravan camps in seclusion off the road, an uneventful night passes and they set out again before dawn. Passing an inn the caravan made great time to Focasia arriving after dark. Delivering the caravan to the house of Dindral Oakhead the guildies sought out the shop of the scholar Strome then got food and drink. Rising the next day the group set out to locate Strome and deliver the letter they carry for him.


Drelbking Drelbking

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